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SPRINGFLUX Singapore Bean Bag refill that lasts longer without being uncomfortably firm

The only bean bag filler in the world to combine the softness of EPS with the longevity of EPP in a unique custom blend. The result: bean bags that retain their form for an extended duration and have a reduction of the frequency of inconvenient top-ups.


What is in SPRINGFLUX™


EPP and EPS in SPRINGFLUX bean bag refill high quality materials for longer lasting bean bag in Singapore

Most bean bags in the world are filled with EPS – Expanded Polystyrene. Compared to EPP – Expanded Polypropylene, EPS is cheaper, and lighter, which is why most bean bags use it. Even among EPS, there are different grades and densities. In general, higher-density EPS pellets are more expensive (because it uses more raw material), but will last-longer. Bean bag companies that only care about cost-cutting, at the expense of the customer’s positive experience will use low-density beans that deflate rapidly, and have a coarser texture.

EPP on the other hand, is more uncommon in bean bags, but is used for packaging of sensitive equipment, sound-proofing, and insulation. It is an expensive raw material, but contains several key characteristics including shock-absorbency, sound-absorbency, and high resistance to pressure, making it much less prone to deflation. However, it also is much stiffer than EPS, and sitting in a bean bag filled purely with EPP is akin to sitting on a firm stool.

As such, SPRINGFLUX™ seeks to bring a synergy, and thus create a much better product. A bean bag filler which is longer-lasting than the densest EPS in the market, but much more comfortable than a pure EPP bean-filled bean bag.

   Comparison between SPRINGFLUX™ and other fillers

SPRINGFLUX balances comfort with longevity in bean bags SPRINGFLUX balances comfort with longevity in bean bags

(comparison charts are for visual representation and not to scale)




Get SPRINGFLUX™ for your bean bag cover, or buy a bean bag filled with SPRINGFLUX™ now.

SPRINGFLUX bean bag top up beans

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a special blend of EPP and EPS pellets to achieve a balance between comfort and longevity